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About Us

ShouYang has been painstakingly cultivated in the fruit

industry over the years, developed gradually from

self-employed individual operating to the corporative and

standardized operation. Currently it employs more than 2550 people, including more than 100 management staff. From

initially single fruit wholesale business, it developed into

cooperation with large scale supermarkets, now the clients

are: Beijing Hualian, XingLi department stores, Heli

supermarkets, Jiahui department stores, Yonghui superstores, Bailun department store, Binlong supermarkets, Dashang

department stores, Beautiful Homeland and RT-Mart etc. The number of clients is over 100 stores. At the same time,

ShouYang is also building the fruit chain store business with

its own brand and proprietary technology, which is expanding with Guizhou province, the number of stores is increasing 


“Guizhou ShouYang Enterprise management Co.,Limited”

(hereinafter referred to as ShouYang) is professional company of acollection of agricultural development, fruit planting,

processing and marketing. Business scope covers fruits

wholesale, retail, cooperation with super markets, and fruit

stores chain operation etc.,ShouYang is devoted to the whole fruit industry chain operations, is a new rising fruit star

ShouYang persists the marketing concept of “Fresh, Healthy, Professional, Joyful” adheres to the development thought of “to create experience service for the customers” and “to create platform to realize the value for employees”,

constantly improves the company internal management

system, continuous reform and innovation, endeavors to

achieve the strategic objective of “to be NO.1 fruit chain

ShouYang has 4 branches: Guizhou ShouYang Agriculture

Co.,Ltd, Sichuan ShouYang Agriculture Co.,Ltd, Sichuan

HaoNong Agriculture Co.,Ltd and Sichuan XiuWenHaoNong

Agriculture Co.,Ltd. Five procurement sectors has established: Guangzhou office, Thailand office, Vietnam office,

International Trade Department and the Origin Buying

Department, covering domestic and international all kinds of

high-quality, favorite fruits.


Enterprise Culture

1、Enterprise Mission       

Let everyone can eat fresh fruit, spreading the healthy lifestyle

2、Enterprise Vision    

To create customer most trusted brand of fruit

3、Enterprise Philosophy      

Accountable to customers、to employees、to shareholders

6、Enterprise Objective      

To be Well-known fruit brand service provider in Western


5、View on Talented People

Personnel choice and employing according to the moral and


4、Enterprise Spirit    



Since its establishment,”ShouYang Fruit”is adhering to the

enterprise spirit of “dedication, commitment and loyalty”the marketing concept of “Fresh, Healthy, Professional,Joyful” 

providing best products and sincere service to customers. We will integrate advantage of resources, to create replicable

models of fruit industry development, build cordially leading

high-quality and safe fruit industry platform.

Speech From Chairman

We regulate people by strict system, require people by the

rigorous work style, guide people by the noble moral

sentiment and gather people together by the harmonious

humanistic atmosphere, to establish independent new system and set standards, to from replicable new commercial mode

with easy expansion quickly, to be solution provider for

natural fruit industry practice.

We are standing on solid ground with hard working. We are

ambitions with the world in mind. Facing the future, we have

only one goal: to be shape the excellent brand in domestic

fruit industry with “integrity and quality” via our efforts and contributions to the community.

We will take a more moderate pace. Leading ” ShouYang

Fruits” forward with the sense of urgency and mission.

Upholding integrity and opening mind. Our company is willing to cooperate with you closely to create a more glorious and

brilliant tomorrow!

The development of our company cannot be separated from

the friends’ strong assistance and support from all walks.

Sincerely looking forward to working with all social circles,

domestic and foreign counterparts and joining hands in

creating a better future!

Company Profile


“首” in Chinese means pioneer,

”杨” in Chinese means rising sun.